Things to do in Nova Scotia

Things to do in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a small provenance in the east coast of Canada which has a gross population of around 923,598 as of January 2016. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Canada and also a widespread provenance in the country. After the neighbouring Prince Edward Island, it is the second most populated in the country. Since it is surrounded by water and comprises of a small population, it can form a quiet and peaceful location for visitors and also an excellent spot for a vacation.

On that note, let’s discover the things that can be done when you’re at the destination.

Visit the Halifax Waterfront Broadwalk

We’re beginning our list with this destination because it is a hotspot for all the city’s favourites- mostly the locals of the town that flock here like sheep during the summer months. A long, 4km walk along with the broadway shops, with a cone of ice cream in hand and also dining at fine restaurants and just sit and watch people passing by your way. Overall, it’s a sweet treat.

Waterfront Broadwalk


Cabot Trail

It is a long trail filled with water on all sides, located at Cape Breton Highlands. It is also located 298 kilometers from the Cape Breton Highlands and the National Park. It rewards all the travellers with a great view of the entire water body.

Halifax Citadel National Historic site

It is located in the Canadian frontier, and it is an exaggeration for all the Halifax cities on the coastal region of the sea. It also comprises of a massive hill that is overlooking the British Military which was first built in 1749. It was constructed of a wooden house which is located at the base of the hill and comprises of a much closer and a prettier video of the water. The region is also known for supplying the military soldiers with off-duty supplies and entertainment. Overall, it is bliss for the visitors. Since it comprises of a water body around, it is also the best for all the water lovers.

Historic site

Bluenose II

It is also called the replica of the fishing and the racing in Sidney. This destination was built in 1963 for holding a prominent Yacht for the entire brew distributed to the Oland Brewery. It was donated to Nova Scotia in the year 1971, shortly after which is it was regarded as the most famous tourist attraction in the world.

Annapolis Valley

As the name mentions, it is a valley region in the Canadian province, which is also located in the western coast of the peninsular region of Nova Scotia. It is formed within the parallel mountains of the area and is also found in between the Bay of Fundy. The valley comprises of two different Counties, named Kings County and the Hants County.

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