Best food to try while you’re at Nova Scotia

Best food to try while you’re at Nova Scotia

The food at Nova Scotia will not only satisfy your stomach but your heart as well. Foodies and especially the ones that love seafood will enjoy their stay here as there is so much to choose. Nova Scotia is by the coastal regions, and it is a known fact that any place close to the ocean has the best seafood. Carry some comfortable pants while you’re here because you’re about to get stuffed.

Lobster love

Nova Scotia is one place that is known worldwide for the best lobsters. You can either choose to eat from a traditional restaurant or have it by the beachside. There are various options to choose from, and if you’re a lobster lover, then this place is the one that can satisfy all your cravings for lobsters. There are restaurants where you can pick the lobsters based on its weight and have them prepare it while you enjoy some beer. Speaking of beer, you can also try lobster beer while you’re here. Add a full course juicy lobster meal to your bucket list, and Nova Scotia will help you tick that off.

A hint of Maple syrup

A hint of Maple syrup

With the maple leaf on the Canadian flag, it is only obvious that this province in Canada will have the best maple syrup. Maple syrup is something that can be enjoyed all year long at Nova Scotia. Especially during the sugar season at the Sugar moon maple farm. A tour where you can make and learn more about maple syrup and also have the very freshly made maple syrup with the different dishes they make. At their on-site restaurant, you can try food like Maple Baked Beans, Maple Mac n Cheese, and a Spiked Maple Mocha.


At Nova Scotia, you can have different flavoured and fresh oysters that are grown in the coastal waters and freshwaters as well. The food made from these oysters will provide you with a hit of fresh salty taste to refresh your taste buds. The oysters from here are chunky and known all around the world. They are shipped to many places as well.

Some moon mist for dessert

A dessert is something you can’t refuse after a meal. Even though you’re full, there is always room for dessert. Especially if you know how moon mist looks and tastes as it is a multicoloured dessert that’s absolutely delicious. It was created by a local dairy company and found almost everywhere. If you visit Nova Scotia, then it is a must-have dessert, and if you’re a sweet tooth, then there are other desserts to try like, cranberry shortbread cheesecake, Lunenburg fruit cake, maple bundt cake and a lot more.

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